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  • Audiences September

    Telecinco is the most watched channel for the eighth consecutive month (12.7%). Followed by Antena3 (11.6%), La1 (10.8%), Thematic Payment (8.1%), AUT (7.7%),  La Sexta (6.7%), Cuatro (6.4%), FDF-T5 (3%), La2 (2.5%) and Neox (2.4%), among the first ten.

    The public television (DTT) gets a consumption of 77%, 10.2% cable television, IPTV (includes Movistar TV, Vodafone One, Orange Tv, Jazztel...) a 9.6%.

    The ranking of the autonomic television by the screen quota is headed by TV3 (12.9%), folowed by TVG (9.6%), C.Sur (9%), ARAGON TV (7.6%) and ETB (7.2%).

  • Moderate growth expectations for advertisers

    According to the Trend Score driven by the Media Forum of the Spanish Association of Advertisers, relative to the first half of 2017, the growth expectations of the marketing and advertising budgets have led to an increase of 0.6% to 0.1% for marketing and advertising.

    These data do appreciate a unequal behavior among advertisers, as well as a mixed picture of investment policies that, while still maintaining a positive policy, tend to become unstable in the decision of investment in these areas.

  • The new web design trends in 2018

    For calling the attention of a user in the web world, on the other hand highly saturated, the first impression is the most important. A good web design is essential to convince and retain to consumers.

    Logo Design Guru presents the trends for the sector where they emphasize the importance of design and usability. The 38% of visitors to a website lose interest if they are attracted by the first image that you see. The responsive design is the other value to highlight. The 85% of users expect a website to download more quickly in the cell.

  • Dentix, the advertiser of television with greater pressure in September

    After the summer break, which launched the first ranking by advertising pressure Dentix to Trivago, which remained in second place recovers its leadership.

    The dental clinic registers 2,781 Grp's to 20", followed by Jazztel with 20 gtp's 2,189 to 1,789" and Movistar with Grp's to 20", topping the podium of the first three. The spots most viewed of the month have been the Seat Ibiza issued during the Champions League match of the day on September 26, Hankook tires and Vodafone One.

  • The return of

    The new campaign of BBVA brightness with 9.9 Grp's thanks to the return of "Salvados" to La Sexta. The interview with the president of the Generalitat, Carles Puigdemont, became the most watched interview of this season.

    The second best spot gold was for the Movistar Fusion, in the visit of Bertin to the house of Paz Padilla in its program of Telecinco, my house is yours.

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