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We have been in business in Barcelona as Dataplanning España since October 5th 2001.

We are a media-buying service company, which came about as a result of the joint venture between Media Club (Italy's fourth largest media-buying service and its leading independent service) and the communication company Shoba International.

In early 2003, Shoba International became the sole owner of our company as a result of shareholding transactions giving Media Club a full shareholding in an international group.

Dataplanning is now strongly growing in the media strategy and planning sector. The company's strengths are personal attention and client care as well as the ability to maximize the return of advertising inversions.

According to the Infoadex ranking, Dataplanning is placed as the 4th independent national media agency and Catalonia's No. 1

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DATAPLANNING Avda. Diagonal, 536, pral. 08006 Barcelona +34 93 241 19 98

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